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Beko was established in 1955 in Turkey and is today one on the UK best selling home appliance brands. Beko American style fridge freezer offers a large amount of food storage and refrigeration capacity, as well as a number of features such as built-in ice and water dispenser to vacation mode technology which keeps your fridge freezer running in the most efficient way when you are away for long periods.

There is also the multizone technology on the four door American style fridge freezers. This allows you to adjust the temperature in each section independently allowing you to use the bottom right section as either a fridge or freezer if the need arises.

For further information about our Beko fridge freezer repair service and how we can help you, contact us on the number above.

Beko fridge faults: Beko fridge not cold enough, fridge freezer blowing warm air, Beko fridge freezer not freezing, noisy fan - no ice.

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