Frost free fridge freezer How they work

Domestic frost free appliances became popular in the UK in the early 1990's the principle of self defrosting freezers is very simple instead of manually defrosting the evaporator in your fridge freezer ever 4-6 months the frost free appliance defrost itself each day.

This is achieved by installing a heater controlled by a defrost timer onto the evaporator, the defrost timer must leave the heater on long enough to defrost any ice that has built up on the evaporator but not long enough for the food inside the refrigerator to defrost.

The fan motor circulates the air inside the cabinet to help maintain an even temperature and sensor relays the temperature readings from the evaporator to the electronic defrost timer, the timer then determines if a defrost period is required along with the thermal fuse which protects the interior of the fridge freezer from heat damage from the defrost heater.

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