Samsung noisy refrigerator fan motor:

Samsung was founded in South Korea in 1938 and has gone on to be one of the world's leading manufacturers of electronic, digital and home appliances such as refrigerators with design offers ultimate storage capacity and superior cooling technology.

Samsung developed the first twin cooling refrigerator system this is done by electronic control and temperature sensors enabling the right amount of cold air to be circulated independently in both evaporators in the refrigerator and freezer section. This means that power is only used when each compartment needs cold air, hence resulting in superior energy savings.

To all our potential customers, your Samsung fridge freezer is an essential item in your kitchen, which is why you will need a manufacturer-trained Samsung fridge freezer repair engineer if your Samsung fridge begins to malfunction or breakdown make us your first port of call our refrigeration engineers have over ten years of industry experience in Samsung fridge repairs.

Samsung fridge faults : Noisy fan - Temperature problems - Strange noises - Water leaks - Display/LED Errors.

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Samsung Fridge Freezer Potential Issues

Samsung Ice Build up in Fridge Evaporator

Symptoms: Whirring Noise -Poor cooling in fridge and/or frozen water tank.

Possible causes, Damage Defrost Sensor-Thermal Fuse-Defrost Heater can cause an intermittent fault, which may not be confirmed on self - diagnostic test or by measuring the resistance of the sensor, thermal fuse or defrost heater.

As well as a visual inspection the voltage should be measured at sensors connection block:

It is also possible for the insulation in the fridge plenheim to absorb moisture and freeze. This can be confirmed by visual inspection and by the weight of the poly block upon removal. Samsung have now modified the construction of the polystyrene in the fridge plenheim.

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